About Me

Shannon Grace, Editor & Writer

AKA: Shining Bright with Serene Grace


Blessings! My name is Shannon Grace.  In August 2019, I expanded my empowerment life coaching (known as Shining Bright with Serene Grace at into a different direction. 

As of now, my new passion is to inspire another website on etiquette that affects all areas of life, such as, giving advice and direction on career growth, healthier relationships, self-esteem building, and so much more. My dream is to become the next Dear Abby or Emily Post.

So, what is my vision of this new website going to be called? I asked the universe for some inspiration on some bold and unique names that resonate with my personality. As it turns out, I like peacocks. Peacocks are colorful and fun. I was always been drawn towards them.

However, what I really liked the most is the symbolism of a peacock. The meaning of a peacock is many like, vision, royalty, spirituality, awakening, guidance, protection, and watchfulness. Also, it is said in Greco-Roman mythology, a peacock tail has eyes of the stars. There is also another bonus about the symbolism of a peacock and that it represents renewal and immortality with the spiritual teachings of Christianity.

So, this is where I get creative with the name of the new website. It will be called "The Inspiring Peacock Post." This website is going to be bold, unique, uplifting, positive, no-sugar-coating, realistic, authentic, classy with a little modern edge, and most importantly, perceptive. I am here to connect with the world in an inspiring way, so let the birth of "The Inspiring Peacock Post" be on its' way. Thank you.

Look out for feature articles from other writers who will share their wisdom. Some writers will be announced, while others kinda remain anonymous.