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Shannon Grace, Editor & Writer

AKA: Shining Bright with Serene Grace

Blessings! My name is Shannon Grace.  In August 2019, I expanded my life coaching business (aka-Shining Bright with Serene Grace) into a different direction. 

Presently, my new passion is to inspire another website on etiquette that affects all of us in different areas of life, such as, giving advice and direction on career, business, love, confidence, empowerment, and much more. My dream is to become the next Dear Abby or Emily Post.

So, what is my vision on this new website? I asked the universe for inspiration on some unique names that resonate with my personality. As it turns out, I like peacocks. Peacocks are colorful and fun. I have always been drawn to them.

What I really liked the most is the symbolism of a peacock. The meaning of a peacock means many, such as vision, royalty, spirituality, awakening, guidance, protection, and watchfulness. It is said in Greco-Roman mythology, a peacock tail has eyes of the stars. Also, the symbolism of a peacock represents renewal and immortality with the spiritual teachings of Christianity.​

This is where I get creative with the name of this new website with great enthusiasm as "The Inspiring Peacock Post." 

This website is going to be bold, unique, uplifting, positive, no-sugar-coating, realistic, authentic, classy with a little modern edge, and most importantly, etiquette with perspective. 

I am here to empower the world in a positive and inspiring way. So, let's shine and sparkle together!  

Sarah Jean

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Sarah Jean is a social media influencer with a background in being a certified esthetician and holds a degree in psychology. She has a unique perspective on beauty and health. Cruelty free and clean beauty is her thing that she promotes on her social media. She is a friend to the Earth and creatures. She's also the co-editor and writer for “The Inspiring Peacock Post.”