Viewers' Prayer Wall

Hello Prayer Warriors. If you have a prayer request to be mentioned on the PRAYER WALL, please send the request through the (Contact Option) below. I always believe the more people pray then it creates a more faster and inspiring ripple effect of positive and healing energy. Blessings.

A Mother’s Day Prayer

I said a Mother’s Day prayer for you

to thank the Lord above

for blessing me with a lifetime

of your tenderhearted love.

I thanked God for the caring

you’ve shown me through the years,

for the closeness we’ve enjoyed

in time of laughter and of tears.

And so, I thank you from the heart

for all you’ve done for me

and I bless the Lord for giving me

the best mother there could be!

By Author Unknown

Date: May 9, 2021

Easter Grace Blessing

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us this day.

May this meal be blessed as we gather to celebrate together.

May your love be shared amongst us as we enjoy the gift of fellowship.

May we remember to give out the grace and forgiveness that you have freely given us,

And may we always give thanks for your sacrificial love.


— Author Unknown

Date: March 8, 2021



Dear Lord, please be our guiding light and strength to show us and our country the path during these uncertain times.  Be our shepherd to keep us together without falling apart with the chaos and bring us more closer to God with peace and love. Let our worst fears not conquer our vision to see the good from the bad.  Let us become stronger in our faith and as a nation with more unity, respect, and compassion.  Lord, hold us tight and bring us back from the ashes into your greater renewal with glory and light. Amen.

Written by: Shannon Grace

Date: April 2020